Thursday, 22 February 2018

Album Reviews

Album Review: SCUMPULSE – Rotten


Right out of the gate, Scumpulse reveal themselves with zero pretense whatsoever. Blackened crust is the game, and Scumpulse have come strapped to deliver. Their upcoming full-length Rotten is a no-nonsense record that confidently states its intentions and then executes brilliantly on them. “Alba Gu Bràth” kicks things off with …

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Album Review: INSECT ARK – Marrow Hymns


“It’s so fucking cool,” I remarked casually while recommending Insect Ark’s upcoming record Marrow Hymns to a friend. As I said it, I immediately became aware of how spot-on that statement is, and how rarely I’d use it with no irony whatsoever to describe a metal (or, in this case, …

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Album Review: MOSCOW – Queen of Sin

Moscow Queen Of Sin

Let’s face it, before bands like In This Moment stepped into the metal genre, the music was mainly a male-fronted creation. Female-fronted acts had to fight and claw their way into being accepted by metalheads around the world. But, in recent years we have seen an influx of female-fronted acts …

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Album Review: WOE – Hope Attrition


Black metallers Woe have undergone a steadily successful transformation since their inception in 2007. Originally hailing from New Jersey as a sole entity of multi-faceted Chris Grigg, the presently Brooklyn-based project has fleshed into a quartet, comprising additional members Grzesiek Czapla (bass, vocals), Matt Mewton (guitar) and Lev Weinstein (drums). …

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