Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Behind The Scenes: The Making of Blackwater Drowning “Violent Ends” – Episode 2

Part two of the four-part series dives into the process of filming a music video, giving viewers an in-depth look at the band and their fun and relaxed nature. While behind the scenes of the music video, members of Blackwater Drowning enjoyed the time spent together as a band, being able to interact and enjoy being with each other. The video was filmed at the historic Milestone in Charlotte, N.C.

Behind the Scenes filmed by Sabrina Lee
Video directed and edited by James Geiser
Video co-directed by Megan Waller

Blackwater Drowning is:

Vocals: Morgan Riley

Bass/Backup Vocals: Aria Novi

Lead Guitar: Jeremy Bennett

Rhythm Guitar: Chris Jones

Drums: Chris Peavy

About Blackwater Drowning:

“We are Blackwater Drowning, a metal band from western NC blending equal measures of melodic and aggressive elements to form a sound that has something to offer every listener.

In our few years as an active band, we have played in seven surrounding states and had the pleasure of opening for such acts as: Butcher Babies, Wednesday 13, September Mourning, Gemini Syndrome, Stitched Up Heart, Mushroomhead, Sumo Cyco, 9Electric, Saint Diablo, Kissing Candice, A Killer’s Confession, Otep, Fire From The Gods, and Doll Skin.”

Blackwater Drowning Online:

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