Saturday, 24 March 2018

GLORIOR BELLI stream new track, “Split Tongues Won’t Atone”


French black metal veterans GLORIOR BELLI have unveiled another new track off their forthcoming album, ‘The Apostates’. The track, a  mix of cold-and-calculated black metal with thunderous rock titled “Split Tongues Won’t Atone” is streaming here.

Their seventh album, ‘The Apostates’ is the latest and greatest in their canon of disparate black metal. GLORIOR BELLI smashes orthodox black metal rules; honing their pitch-black extremity with sinewy and serpentine heavy rock riffs. The resulting new album proves once again that their left-hand path always travels forward.

‘The Apostates’ will see a worldwide release on April 6. Pre-orders for ‘The Apostates’ are available across various CD and LP formats at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

Regarding the new track, GLORIOR BELLI comment: “Weed out the weakness and bring in the beast… When a man’s enemies are those of his own household, he has reached the last trial of his faith and patience. We apostates are wisely inspired, when we speak of the truth, every accent is as a tongue of fire that no cunning hands can put out; a voice which awakens the most fierce flame!”

The cover art and tracklist for ‘The Apostates’ can be found below:


1. Sui Generis
2. Deserters of Eden (click to stream, also available on Spotify)
3. The Apostates
4. Bedlam Bedamned
5. Hangin’ Crepe
6. Jerkwater Redemption
7. Split Tongues Won’t Atone
8. Runaway Charley
9. Rebel Reveries



Established in 2002, GLORIOR BELLI crept out from the temperamental suburbs of Paris. What started as a notorious duo soon became a remarkable Beast, acting as a beacon for everyone looking to “free themselves of the influence of the Demiurge“.

Over the course of 6 full-lengths, GLORIOR BELLI has progressively developed into a more sophisticated, matured musical entity, while conversely exploring the devolution of black metal’s heritage. With a captivating mix of heavy riffing, doom-laden lyricism, retro prog-rock flourishes and distorting sludge, hailed by Decibel Magazine as “mid-tempo, riff-tastic, evil-as-fuck metal,” the band has reaffirmed the diabolical principles of black metal while avoiding the most mind-numbing clichés currently choking the scene.

GLORIOR BELLI last toured across the United States in 2013 as a headliner, culminating in an appearance on the main stage of Maryland Deathfest.

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