Drown in Sulphur is a metal band hailing all the way from Busto Arisizio, Italy and looking to make an impact on everyone. Their hit song “Epilogue to the Arrogant” has over 2,000,000 views on YouTube and counting. I had the opportunity to sit down with the band to discuss the formation, inspirations, live music, and much more in this amazing interview with DIS.

ANTIHERO: Okay guys first off, introduce yourself and say your roll in the band. How are you doing?

Drown in Sulphur: We are a five-man band, respectively we are: Mattia Maffioli on vocals, Domenico Tamilia on drums, Simone Verde and Leonardo Sergio on guitars and Enrico Masiero on bass.

ANTIHERO: Busto Arisizio is your hometown. Give us some ideas of the music scene there and how you guys got started?

Drown in Sulphur: Busto Arsizio is a little city near Milan where we usually practice, you can find an active and friendly scene in Milan, all the bands support each other.

ANTIHERO: What is the story behind that awesome name? Was that the first name you guys came up with or was there some earlier names?

Drown in Sulphur: Basically, we were drunk in a bar, it was a cold winter night and we decided to name ourselves “Drown In Sulphur” just because it seemed like a horrible and unlikely way to die. Before “Drown In Sulphur”, our name was “Behind The Mask”, it lasted about a month.

ANTIHERO: “An Epilogue to the Arrogant” and “Violent Shades of Kingu” are a vastly evolved sound from what you guys achieved from the earlier EP. Can we expect more of that sound with the upcoming music?

Drown in Sulphur: Our sound has evolved quite a lot from “It Rises”, we’ve reached a more aggressive sound, also putting some black metal influences in our upcoming EP. Substantially we don’t want to be labeled under a single music genre.

ANTIHERO: When can we expect new songs? I’m ready!

Drown in Sulphur: We took a short break after the departure of our ex-bassist, so our writing process has been slowed down, but our EP is ready, and we worked a lot on it because we want some new tracks that are on the same or on a higher level than our old music.

ANTIHERO: Can we expect any tours when the new album comes out? Preferably in the United States.

Drown in Sulphur: We’re working on a European tour, we just need a label, and as every European band, touring in the USA is a dream, so why not?

ANTIHERO: What goes into putting together a live show for Drown in Sulphur?

Drown in Sulphur: Our shows are usually either managed by a local booking agency or organized by us together with some other local bands.

ANTIHERO: What’s the message or overall vibe that DIS wants to give to their fans?

Drown in Sulphur: We want to create a state of mind through which whoever comes to our shows can set all of their emotions free, from hate to euphoria, because we love to play but first of all we want to have fun.

ANTIHERO: Who are your inspirations?

Drown in Sulphur: We get inspiration from a lot of artists, not one, in particular, we like to use some old deathcore styles, a little bit of hardcore and whatever kind of music we like.

ANTIHERO: What equipment do you guys use? The sounds you guys produce are awesome!

Drown in Sulphur:

Mattia uses a Sennheiser XS-e wireless because Sennheiser is the best! 😉

Domenico uses Pearl ELX as Drums, Pearl Pinstripe drum head hydraulic, Pearl Eliminator as double pedals, Pearl Powerstroke bass drum head, Evans HD DRY sandblasted on the snare. These are all excellent choices for playing extreme genres. Drums Cymbals Paiste Pst8/Alpha series, Ufip Tiger series and in the end Vic Firth 5A/5AN as drum sticks.

Enrico uses Ibanez SRFF805 bass, electro-harmonix big muff pi bass pedal and Trace Elliot Elf head.

Simone uses Ibanez 7 strings guitar RGIX27FEQMTG, Peavey 6505+ head (one of the best analogic heads for the genre) without added pedals.

Leonardo uses Ibanez 7 strings guitar ARZ307 and Peavey 6505+ head.

ANTIHERO: In such a diverse world of metal, what genre would DIS be?

Drown in Sulphur: We will always do what we like.

ANTIHERO: If you could go on tour with anyone right now, who would it be?

Drown in Sulphur: There are a lot of bands we’d like to tour with, every one of us likes different bands, but probably Lorna Shore, Angelmaker, and Traitors are our top three, talking about our genre.







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