Thursday, 22 February 2018


Interview: Bruno Blackstard of INSOLVENCY


Antihero Magazine recently had the chance to catch up with Bruno Blackstard, guitarist for French metal band Insolvency. Talking about the band’s recent release, Antagonism Of The Soul, as well as the creative process of recording the album, the struggles the band faces as a French Metalcore outfit, how Gojira …

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Interview: Karl Fredrik Lind of DROTTNAR


Antihero Magazine’s Scott Martin recently had the opportunity to chat with guitarist Karl Fredrik Lind of Norwegian extreme metal band, Drottnar. ANTIHERO: What is the definition of “Extreme” Metal through the views and visions of Drottnar? Karl Fredrik Lind: To me, extreme metal is just a collective term for the …

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Interview: A Conversation with ABSOLUTE HERO

Absolute Hero

Antihero Magazine‘s James Geiser recently had the opportunity to chat with rising Ohio band, Absolute Hero. The band will be releasing their first single, “Death of Innocence”, off their upcoming EP scheduled to be released this fall. We talked about the band’s recent change in musical style, the inspiration behind …

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Interview: Matti Frost of FROST GIANT

Frost Giant

Philadelphia-based Frost Giant are making big waves with their bombastic debut album The Harlot Star. The record is a conceptual work which draws inspiration from power metal, folk metal, melodic death and hardcore to create Frost Giant’s immediately ear-grabbing sound. While putting together my review, I took a minute to …

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Interview: Scott Acquavella of CRYPTODIRA


A Conversation with Guitarist/Vocalist Scott Acquavella of Cryptodira Antihero Magazine journalist Scott Martin recently had the opportunity to catch up with guitarist/vocalist Scott Acquavella from East coast Progressive Death Metal outfit, Cryptodira. ANTIHERO: Can you tell me a little bit about how Cryptodira was formed? Scott Acquavella: Cryptodira started officially as the …

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Interview: Dave Brenner of GRIDFAILURE


Antihero Magazine had the opportunity recently to speak to Dave Brenner, one-half of the dynamic duo that makes up Earsplit PR, a media relations firm in which he shares duties with his partner and wife, Liz Ciavarella-Brenner. However, when Dave isn’t working on Earsplit business he pours his creative passions into …

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